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BPO - Ware Housing and Logistics

Our commitment to effectively manage material movement for our customers and as an extension of accounting services, we have invested in warehouses too. We currently have over 100000sq ft. of warehouse space, and transact material movement on behalf of our clients valued over USD 380 Million.

The long term and growing association with all our clients is based on understanding the needs of our customers and also those of our customerís customer.

We strive to proactively bring in control mechanisms and abide by our customers and regulatory procedures to ensure that warehousing and logistics needs are all kept in order, and to free our clientís focus from this area of work.

Following are the services rendered by MALLINATH.
Clearing and Forwarding Agents.
Inventory management and logistics.
Invoicing and documentation.
Custodian of inventory and distribution.
Clearing and forwarding Agent for sea.
Logistic and warehousing services.
Clearing and forwarding Agent import.
Rake clearing agents.
Bulk handling and packing.
Marine & shipping.
1. Ability to handle Bulk volume;
  We have handled around 2800000 MT/PA and our services has been appreciated by our principals and Corporate auditors of Aditya Birla group.
2. Two Decades of Experience
  We are in this business since twenty years, and our staffs are trained from time to time to update and upgrade their skills.
3. Speed and accuracy in Handling
  Our Sales quantity increases drastically during all quarter ends, we have managed to keep up commitments without any hiccups.
4. Profile of Customers – Includes Large Indian MNC
  * Hindalco Industries Ltd.(Aluminium & Copper)
* Ultratech Cement Ltd & Ready Mix Concrete.
5. Documentation & Process oriented approach.
  We have adopted clearly defined Standard Operating Procedure, Flow Chart and Job Description for day to day operations.
6. Infrastructure& Network with reliable sources.
  The needs of Staff, Transporters and Labourers,’ have been adequately taken care. We have equipped with Mechanized handling and weighing machines
MD's Message

In keeping up with the need to adapt to the changing times, and based on the immense faith that our principals and customers have placed on us, I welcome all of you to Mallinath 2.0

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